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About Us

Located in Zillmere, North Brisbane, Pickled Platters Co. is a small local catering business offering expertly crafted charcuterie, sandwich and grazing platters.

Whether it's for a date, dinner party or event we have a grazing platter for the occasion. If you’re looking for no fuss, photo worthy catering, then look no further!

If you have something specific in mind or are looking for something that isn't available on our website, please head to the bottom of this page to send us a message. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pickled Platters Co. Team

Who are we?

We have been friends for 13 years. Our lives have taken us down very different paths but we have remained pals through all the ups and downs.

When we first discussed starting a small business, we were in such different places in our lives. We came together a year later and over some delicious food and a glass (or two) of wine, Pickled Platters Co. was born. 

Lily currently works in law, however she has over 5 years experience working in the deli where she made platters of all varieties (one of the better parts of the job).
Antonia is currently a stay at home mum but with a degree in business, finance & economics - with a chef for a mother. 

We have the right strengths to create a successful business - behind the scenes through networking, social media, and FOH - our friendly faces and most importantly, through creating delicious photo-worthy grazing platters!


Antonia & Lily x

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